The Latin America IPR SME Helpdesk team proudly welcomes you to its brand new blog, in which you will find updated information concerning Intellectual Property Rights in Latin America, as well as other interesting information about SMEs, Internationalization, R&D or Innovation.

The  Latin America IPR SME Helpdesk  offers free of charge, first-line support on IP and IP rights matters to facilitate the expansion of European SMEs (EU SMEs and SMEs from the Associated countries) already established at, or working with entities in Latin America (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela) as well as those potentially interested in establishing commercial and R&D activities and ventures in these countries.

The Latin America IPR SME Helpdesk is a project, co-funded by the European Commission, and implemented from July 2015 to January 2018 by a consortium of organisations from Europe and Latin America:

  • University of Alicante, Spain (General Coordinator)
  • Eurochambres, Belgium
  • Instituto Nacionale da Propriedade Industrial, Portugal
  • Instituto Dannemann Siemsen, Brazil
  • Instituto Nacional de Propiedad Industrial, Chile
  • Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico
  • Eurochile, Chile
  • Senior Experts from Latin American countries

How European SMEs can benefit from the Helpdesk?

EU SMEs are offered free of charge information, training, first-line assistance and support in IP rights matters related to Latin American countries.


Our goal is to facilitate our users the most relevant and reliable information about Intellectual Property and related areas in Latin America, in order to be, in the near future, a reference in the Intellectual Property world in the framework of the bilateral relationships Europe- Latin America.

To reach such goals we rely on our wide network on experts, that will tackle the most relevant IPR topics from a useful and easy-to-understand approach.

If you are an SME follow what our highly qualified team have to say, follow us in our social media, subscribe to our newsletter and do not hesitate to contact us by using our helpline if you need additional advice or clarifications.


If you are an experienced lawyer and want to collaborate with the blog, contact us.

The Latin America IPR SME Team


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